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At PLANET GYMNASTICS, we're not building athletes, we're
building people.

We believe that what your child learns at Planet Gymnastics will be more important than
what he learns at college.  She will continue to learn throughout school and beyond, but it is
now, during her formative years that she will develop her attitude towards learning and her
ability to succeed.  Here at Planet Gymnastics, it is our goal to teach your child that learning
is fun, and that through goal setting, progressional achievements, and never giving up, he can
succeed at whatever he is willing to work to achieve.  ...Health, fitness, and physical
achievement are just the tools we use to teach these broader lessons.

We don't minimize the importance of health and fitness, however.  In a time of growing
serious childhood conditions, such as diabetes and ADD, it is critical that your child learn to
use his body and keep it healthy.  The results will speak for themselves, and another
unexpected side effect will be improved-performance at any other sport or physical activity
she chooses to tackle.

At Planet Gymnastics, we don't want your child to learn a few flips and twists.  We want
to teach your child the tools she needs to be a winner for life!

We're so confident in our mission that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not
happy with our program after the first month.
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"Building a child is easier than fixing an adult"