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Remember:  It’s You  vs. Yourself.
One important factor in judging one’s performance in life is to first acknowledge that there is always going to be
somebody better out there.  If not today, then they’re coming down the road.  So, if success is defined as being “the best,”
everyone is guaranteed failure for life.

Now, nobody is saying there’s no value in achievement.  It always feels good to find something one can excel at and
make it to the top.  It’s healthy to take a good look at where we stand among the pack and challenge ourselves to find
ways of improving our standing.

However, it is important to learn that “success” or “being a winner” means “beating yourself.”  You evaluate what is the
best you can do or the best you can be, and you go just a little bit further.  No matter what “place” you achieve, you’ve won!  
You’re the winner!  You gave it all you had, you tried your very hardest, and that right there equals success!

Reciprocally, it doesn’t matter if you took first place, won every prize, are #1 on every chart – if you just did what it took to
get to first, but didn’t challenge yourself – well, that is not success.   That is not winning.  That is not being a winner.

Every important contest in life should be judged on You vs. Yourself.  BE A WINNER!
Dream     Plan     WORK     Persevere     SUCCEED!
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